Cosmic Crunch

Gameplay programmer

Cosmic crunch is the first game of three game marmalades. For each game marmalade we had 2-3 weeks to make the game and each game had its own restrictions. For the first marmalade we had to make our own custom controller.

For this game we decided to make a controller which is a hat that you wear. On the hat is a adruino with a gyroscope, which is used to move around the character. As well as a button, which is used to make the character bite. The button is connected to a strap which goes around your head so that if you open your mouth, you press the button.

Project information
Development time: 3 weeks
Made in: Unreal engine 4
Team size: 10
Supported platforms: Windows
My contributions
Custom controller using an Arduino
Camera and character movement
Player/object interaction

Supported platforms